Porcelain Slabs

Our porcelain is unique not only in its amazing durability, but installation cost is dramatically reduced due to the 1 meter (39.37") by 3 meters (118.11") size and light weight.it is available in a very wide range of colors and textures as listed in finish guide below.

  • For years porcelain tile has been a material that provides excellent mechanical and aesthetic benefits in a range of uses. Its small size and high weight, however have limited its potential use to limited applications. Cover is the result of years of research and development thanks to the introduction of lamination pressing technology. It is now possible to produce a 100 x 300 cm porcelain tile which may be as little as 3.5 mm thick while maintaining the mechanical and aesthetic properties characteristic of porcelain tile. This broadens the scope of porcelain offering great potential for innovation in the fields of construction and interior design.

  • Resistance to deep abrasion and reduced porosity make technical porcelain ideal for heavy footfall areas. Available in a 100 x 300cm format with spectacular finishes, ideal for public and heavy traffic areas. Minimal thickness has enabled the development of a sustainable and extremely environmentally friendly production process. Given its minimal thickness, this porcelain is one of the lightest façade covering materials on the market; that is why it is highly recommended for the implementation of ventilated projects.

  • Its minimal thickness and low weight facilitate storage and transportation, and do not overload the existing structure. The wide variety of formats make it the perfect solution to meet a projects façade modulation requirements. Given how easy it is to handle in construction work and to install on facades, our porcelain reduces problems of replacement that often arise during the maintenance of a ventilated façade.

  • Despite its reduced thickness, porcelain is able to withstand the stresses to which covering materials for ventilated facades are typically subjected. Our 100 x 300cm format makes it a suitable material for covering large surfaces providing all the mechanical and aesthetic characteristics that distinguish porcelain tile. Cutting and handling is far easier resulting in substantial financial savings on projects by enabling faster completion times. Minimal thickness has enabled the development of a sustainable and extremely environmentally friendly production process. To start with the consumption of raw quarry materials is two to three times lower than that of any other type of porcelain tile, in addition our production requires less energy, thus allowing the use of a hybrid kiln (gas and electricity} and reducing co2 emissions.

  • The advantages of our porcelain really stand out when it comes to renovations of establishments open to the public. Thanks to the possibility of installation without prior demolition, renovation time is significantly reduced, thus minimizing the time that the business is closed and associated lost business costs. There are also considerable savings as a result of low debris generation, in this regard, virtually all the costs associated with the management and disposal of debris generated during renovation are eliminated.

  • Thanks to its large size, which reduces the number of joins, and its technical characteristics, our porcelain is especially suitable for paving and wall coverings in hospitals, clinics and doctors surgeries, it is resistant to chemical attack, easy to clean and prevents the appearance of mold, bacteria and fungi. It is now possible to enhance the bactericidal effect thanks to the h&c tiles photocatalytic coating. Available in 5.6mm thickness.

  • Application/Projects
    • Heavy Transit Areas
    • Facades
    • Medical Facilities
    • Refurbishment
    • Interior Design

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Porcelain Finish Guide