Cover USA, incorporated isestablished to provide the construction industry with a very broad range of unparalleled materials. International sourcing and high volume results in locating best quality manufactured products at remarkably competitive pricing. Our multiple warehouses make it possible for us to ship any size order quickly. We take pride in our distiguished construction, architecture and design clients. Visit our showrooms or call us so we may provide you with whatever information or samples you may require.

Our corporate headquarters is located at 870 w. Division street, chicago, il unit e 60642

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This catalog represents our mirage casework with finishes by finsa.



Installing vinyl floor tiles is an excellent way to enhance your home's beauty while adding value. Durable, easy to install and maintained. Our exceptional selection of rich patterns and textures make it simple to coordinate with any décor; whether traditional, modern or anything in between.



Versatile and elegant, porcelain flooring is an innovative product gaining popularity with architects, designers and homeowners. Created from super fine clay, precisely manufactured and fired at a higher temperaturethan other ceramics, ours is tremendously durable, superbly finished and easy to install.


Engineered Wood

A combination of the richness of wood backed by our incredibly strong material, engineered wood is a wonderful combination of beauty, durability and economy. Available in an extraordinary range of finishes and colors, it is an elegant design solution.



An exciting and new material for floor covering. We carry over 185 different patterns and solids complemented by a wide range of textures. Whatever a designer may specify, we can deliver. Our laminate is incomparably durable, beautiful and surprisingly economical.